Entrepreneurship skills are a natural part of all university studies

Kalle Airo/Aalto YTYÄ informs

The ImpactED web site has been created by entrepreneurship teachers working at the leading universities in Finland. Our goal is to educate proactive students that that can drive and tolerate change.

We add entrepreneurship as an element into the studies of each of the university disciplines. For student of electrical engineering, we could introduce user-centric product development. For kindergarten teachers, we could teach practical service design as a tool to improve the day-to-day operations of daycare centers. This means first and foremost renewing the way we teach, not adding more courses to the curriculum.

Key elements of how we teach entrepreneurship are: value creation, user-centric problem solving, a culture of experimentation and presentation skills.

The concrete outcome of our actives are new methods to organize and implement teach as well as new study material. These can be used to enhance teaching within any discipline.

The universities represented by ImpacED:ssä are: Aalto Ventures Program (Aalto University), University of Helsinki, Åbo Akademi, University of Oulu, Hanken, Metropolia and Technical University of Tampere.

These universities participate in the development project YTYÄ, funded by the Ministry of Education in Finland. ImpactED is the web site where the results of the YTYÄ project are showcased.