YTYÄ project – entrepreneurial mindset to all university students

YTYÄ – Promoting Entrepreneurship and Working Life Skills

The project strengthens students’ working life and entrepreneurship skills. Higher education institutions, students and professionals develop and disseminate widely exploited methods and practices that enable students to become entrepreneurs and set up growth companies. The project is based on strong research and tested methods and their further development. As a result, higher education institutions and working life converge, and the link between teaching and research is strengthened.

The project is directly in line with the Finnish Government’s Program objective of reforming education, taking into account the needs of working life skills, and bringing higher education and employment closer together. Additionally, the project will increase the skills of innovators and entrepreneurs to strengthen Finland’s international competitiveness and Finnish society.

The project will increase the working life and entrepreneurial skills of higher education students and the link between higher education teaching and research. In co-operation with higher education institutions, annual education and training provision for working life abilities and entrepreneurship skills will be increased. This will speed up students’ transition to working life. Particularly significant is that the project promotes students’ entrepreneurship organizations in the development and dissemination of traineeships, courses and business incubators. In this way, students themselves are actively increasing their abilities and opportunities to employ themselves and other people.

The duration of the project is 1.1.2017-31.12.2019.

The participating universities are listed here.